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One Direction 'Take Me Home' Tracklisting Revealad

Boys are debut ‘Up All Night’ band start in 2011, band new album up coming november 'Take Me Home' 13 tracks and a deluxe format with four bonus tracks.

One Direction up coming release the new latest track kiss you and their brand new album ‘Take Me Home’ on 12th November.

Boys delux version comes packaged in an A5 yearbook format including bonus pictures of the band.

The tracklisting is as follows:

‘Live While We’re Young’
‘Kiss You’
‘Little Things’
‘C’mon, C’mon’
‘Last First Kiss’
‘Heart Attack’
‘Rock Me’
‘Change My Mind’
‘I Would’
‘Over Again’
‘Back For You’
‘They Don’t Know About Us’
‘Summer Love’

D1 boys four bonus tracks included on the deluxe and yearbook editions of the upcoming release below:

‘She’s Not Afraid’
‘Loved You First’
‘Nobody Compares’
‘Still The One’

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